Documenting the move of a Yankee to the capital of the Confederacy because her husband is going to med school.  Also, he’s in the Air Force HPSP, so that makes it a little easier/more challenging.


I like sarcasm and references to pop culture.*

You can probably figure out my political and religious leanings if you read long enough, but they are not the focus of this blog.

My opinions are my own.

This is not an HPSP or Medical School advice or reference (except of one person’s experiences) blog.  I don’t keep up with program changes, so don’t blame me if I what I say is not how it is now.

Things are filtered by my (often second- or third-hand) perspective.  I aim for truthiness, in that the stories are correct as far as I know.  I do try to add corrections or alternate perspectives when brought to my attention.

I reserve the right to change inconsequential details in the name of privacy or a better punchline.


*I also like foot notes (and parenthetical asides).

last updated 29 January 2014

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