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In December 2009, we were thinking about redoing our kitchen.  We had been married for 3 years, owned the house for 4, and I finally had a job that paid more than $10 per hour.  Husband was a software engineer, and good at it.  Our kitchen was 30-year-old construction grade with an awful layout and we had just gotten a generous check for Christmas from the parents.

We measured the kitchen, looked at catalogs, made a list of needs and wants, got design proposals and bids from Home Depot and Lowes, and I told everybody how excited I was to have cabinets with doors that would actually close when you put plates in them!

Two days after Christmas, Husband announces he wants to be a doctor.

The Christmas check went to tuition for GenChem I.

I just hope he realizes he’s never going to make it as an actor.

EDIT 5/28:  The Husband claims he announced his intentions earlier than Christmas because he talked to his dad (a physician) about it during the Christmas visit to his parents.