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We are moving to Ohio.  It’s starting to get more real.  The Husband is alternately overwhelmed by feelings of excitement and incompetence.

I’m not sure how I feel about Ohio. Or Dayton.  The other two Air Force options, Las Vegas or San Antonio, both had so much more vivacity in my mind.  Vegas had the gorgeous scenery, close to some family, and someplace that looked fun for a few years.  Texas was, to this liberal Yankee, well, Texas, but there was some character.  Ohio is so much of a blank slate.  It was never even on the radar. Nothing I can say about the area, except, huh.  Ohio.  No preconceived notions, except maybe boringness?  Boringness because I have no idea what is there?  The other two probably got a boost in familiarity because they were the locations of The Husband’s away rotations.

I have hope though because everyone I’ve talked to that’s been to Dayton gets really excited about it.  So there’s that.


Other thoughts about the AF match:  They say they consider MDs and  DOs equals, but in my anecdotal evidence (RL friends and FB military med spouse group) all the MD M4s got categorical matches (either AF or sent to civilian match) and all the DO OMS4s were assigned PGY-1 (intern year).

Also, a lot of people don’t seem to realize that they also have to apply to civilian residencies AND PGY-1 years.  I saw lots of sturm und drang when people didn’t get a categorical military residency and had applied to neither civilian residencies nor intern years.  People, it’s in all the emails!  Don’t be daft!  The AF even gives you money to apply civilian!