Douchy's Biology PodcastDouchy’s Biology Podcast – Produced by a secondary school teacher in Australia for the equivalent of AP Biology.  The content changes and is updated every semester based on the class he’s teaching.  They make a great review for people who have taken Biology in the past, but need a refresher.  I first heard of him during a BBC interview about e-learning.  BONUS: he takes listener questions and answers them on the podcast.

Exam Krackers MCATExam Krackers MCAT Books – Concise and to the point.  Won’t teach you everything you need to know, but a good guide to what’s more important to know and review for the MCAT.  They were recommended by the PreMed Adviser at UML.  The Husband also tried a few episodes of the Audio Osmosis, but didn’t particularly care for it.

MCAT Question A DayMCAT Question A Day – The Husband went here every day for 18 months.  Sometimes the answers were wrong (about 1 in 15) and the interface was terrible, but most often the questions made you think in the way the MCAT writers intended.  The site has been spruced up in the past year (though I can’t speak for or against the [improved?] accuracy of the answers).


The Student Doctor NetworkThe Student Doctor Network – A place to ask questions.  Use the search box.  Most of your questions have already been asked and answered.  Threads for all stages of the med school process, from high school to practicing physician.  Even has a (mostly quiet) area for significant others.

Med Student Blogs:

Transporting Skulls – Current Med Student in New England, and our friend.

HPSP Blogs:

Army Dentistry – An Army Dentist.


Greetings from the Commander – The official COT Information for Inbound Trainees.

Inbound COT Trainee Expenses – More official COT info about costs.

USAF COT Uniform Checklist – The official one.  Current as of October 2012.

Crossing into the Blue – JAG officer who attended COT in January and February 2011.

The Underqualified Housewife – Advice and her experience with COT is roughly from December 2012 to March 2013.

COT Pack List – From a USUHS class of 2013 member who was there in 2009.  Geared towards women.

Air Force:

List of AF Medical Facilities in the US

last updated: 30 August 2013

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