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Yesterday The Husband listened to his final classroom lecture of Med School.  Tomorrow he will take his last M2 exam (Neuro).  Whoo!

We will enjoy a lovely free weekend with friends.

Then on Monday, Crunch Month begins. Boo!

The first day will be Dr. Costanzo doing a Physiology Review.  (Yes, that Dr. Costanzo.  She literally wrote the books.)*  Then the next 29 straight days look like this:


Every day, 7 days a week, 8 in the morning to 10:30 at night, with a break for dinner.  Step 1 is June 11.  M3 Orientation starts June 30, so there will be a glorious 18 days of freedom!


* True story from one of the other HPSP students who went to officer training last summer:

Med Student/Officer not from MCV:  I love Costanzo’s books!  I don’t bother going to the lecture, I just read her book.

Med Student/Officer from MCV:  I don’t.  I just go to her lectures.


Even Harvard digs on her (Shout out at 0:58).

She’s also really approachable.  One of The Husband’s classmates found an error/vagueness in her book regarding the morning-after pill and brought it to her attention.  She is correcting it in the next edition.