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Last spring, someone (Dr. Costanzo? His “big brother” maybe?) recommended to The Husband that he read Rapid Interpretation of EKGs by Dale Dubin over Winter Break so that he would be ahead of the game for Cardio, which is the first unit after break.

He actually read it over the summer because after ordering it, he flipped through a few pages and saw that it was clear, concise, and easy to read.  Even I read the first chapter and found it easy to comprehend because Dr. Dubin has a really good knack for explaining things well.

Well, that advice has paid off and The Husband is kicking A in Cardiovascular, to the point that he’s tutoring some classmates, including one whose father is a cardiologist!

Also, so you’re not shocked by falling in virtual love and then having a later discovery,* the wonderful Dr. Dubin has been disbarred** because he is a coke-head child porn aficionado.  But he gave away a free car!


* You’re not alone.  There’s a whole meme about med students discovering this info.

** Yes, I know that’s for lawyers.  There’s no good succinct medical equivalent.