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Why does it feel like we’ve done so much, yet still accomplished nothing?


  • Christmas tree up
  • Gift shopping and wrapping
  • Dinner with various friends
  • Cards sent
  • Cookie baking!
  • Reorganize The Toddler’s room and toys

Still to Do:

  • Christmas with local family
  • Dinner with various friends
  • Paint upstairs
  • Day trip to local site?

Okay, not so much to still do, but the painting’s a big one, and one that really has to be done when The Husband’s around.

We’re already halfway through break!  Yikes!


The MS1s transitioned to MS2As* finished a week ago and there was a flurry of “First year of med school done!” posts on Facebook.

First, 4 months <> 1 year.  Second, you haven’t even taken anatomy yet!


*MS vs. M is to distinguish the new curriculum from the old.