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Apparently, I have an alliterative annual autumn abandonment of the blog.  Not much of personal interest to report.

Looking out over the Hollywood Rapids on Belle Isle.

Looking out over the Hollywood Rapids on Belle Isle.

We (The Toddler and I) are trying to be good about getting out and enjoying Richmond.  The past few months we’ve done the Watermelon FestivalAviation Museum, an animal program at Maymont, Agecroft Hall, gone camping near Shenandoah, and cheered on runners at the marathon.  We still do Storytime at the Library and have added weekly playdates with some friends we met there.

The Husband is chugging away and has continued his pattern of his favorite subject being whatever class just ended.  So this year he has wanted to be, in order, an epidemiologist (Microbiology), a nephrologist (Renal), and an endocrinologist (Endocrinology, duh).  We have yet to see if he wants to become a pulmonologist, since the Repiratory test isn’t until right before Winter Break.  Surprisingly, the exception to the rule has been Hemetology/Oncology.  He went in to Med School pretty convinced he wanted to do Pediatric Oncology, but didn’t find that unit all that interesting.  He’s at a pediatrician’s office for preceptorship now and also finds that a bit boring.  He thinks that’s because it’s all well-child visits though, so he’s planning on shadowing some pediatric hospitalists over break.