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…or how the government made me lie to my mom.  She was worried that The Husband wouldn’t get paid because of the shutdown, but I assured her that they would keep paying his salary because he’s in the military.

I was wrong.


Unlike last time the government stopped functioning, all HPSP benefits are suspended.  HPSP is not covered by the military pay stop-gap bill this time.

So there will be no pay and reimbursements are on hold for the foreseeable future.  Reimbursements should go through once the shutdown is over, but it’s unclear if there will be back pay.

Originally HPSP M3s and M4s on military clinical rotations were going to be sent home, but that was amended so they could stay since they are on “active duty.”

As an officer, The Husband is not allowed to disparage Congress.  (This is very useful for getting out of awkward conversations at large family gatherings.) However, there is no oath of office stopping me!

Congress, consider yourself officially disparaged.