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We decided to try out my improvised Doc Martin drinking game two nights ago.  We chose to have martinis, because we couldn’t resist the obvious pun.

The Husband and I watched S2E5 and thought it worked pretty well (especially the first five minutes of the episode where it was “drink, drink, drink”), but needed some tweaking.

Drink when Doc Martin:

  1. Belittles a local.
  2. Gets mad at his receptionist.
  3. Tries to shoo away a dog.
  4. Almost kisses connects with Louisa, but then says/does something to insult her.
  5. Goes on a house call to someone who doesn’t want him there, or gets thrown out, even if he were originally welcome.
  6. In his relentless pursuit of a diagnosis, uncovers a secret that is none of his business and disrupts the lives of everyone around him.
  7. Finds the cause of the episode’s mystery disease.
  8. Closed captioning says “jaunty” or “quirky” music.  (Haven’t seen this at all in Season 2, even though the music is the same.  Different CC company?)
  9. Bert tries to skive off work.
  10. PC Mylow moons over a girl.

Then we watched S2E6 (where we meet Doc Martin’s parents) and that was a very low-yield episode.  No real mysteries, and all the belittling was between family members, who were not local.  Oh well.  Next episode I’m sure will be back to normal.

We would like to have something to do with Al and/or Aunt Joan, but haven’t quite thought of a good one yet.