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Recently we had a (relatively) free evening, so we decided to watch something on Netflix.  Movies were out (The Husband wasn’t that free), so a TV show it was.  We chose Doc Martin, a British show we’ve watched off and on after a suggestion from The Father-in-Law, who is also a physician.

The show can be summed up as big-city doctor moves to small town where he insults the quirky locals and solves medical mysteries.  He never fails, even when the entire town is opposed, to be right (and also grumpy).  It’s very formulaic, which is why I’m not sure why this fan site hasn’t figured out a drinking game for it yet.*

doc-martin-001I find the show somewhat boring.  The Husband loves it.  Why?  Because the doctor is always right.  I have a feeling this is why The Father-in-Law likes it as well.

* Drink when Doc Martin:  [Updated here!]

  1. Belittles a local.
  2. Gets mad at his receptionist.
  3. Tries to shoo away a dog.
  4. Almost kisses Louisa, but then says/does something to insult her.
  5. Goes on a house call to someone who doesn’t want him there.
  6. In his relentless pursuit of a diagnosis, uncovers a secret that is none of his business and disrupts the lives of everyone around him.
  7. Finds the cause of the episode’s mystery disease.
  8. Closed captioning says “jaunty” or “quirky” music.

See how easy that was?  You will be smashed by the first commercial break from the first 3 entries alone.