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About three days before his Microbiology exam (which was yesterday), The Husband made a confession.  “This is the least prepared I’ve ever been for an exam.  I’m going to fail.”

And I am a terrible wife, because I have absolutely no sympathy. I would have more sympathy if a) he had ever come close to failing any of his exams, or 2) I hadn’t heard this exact same “confession” a few days before every. single. exam. for the past year+ (perhaps with the exception of the first one).

And I tell him that he’s said this every time.  And every time he gets his normal score.  He is amazingly consistent.  All of his exams, except for Anatomy,* are within about a three point spread.

So yesterday when I went to pick him up from the exam I was a little worried because he looked pretty glum.  Maybe this was the time that a stopped clock was actually correct and he failed (or at least didn’t do as well as normal).

He got in the car, and ready to swallow my pride I asked him how it went.  He did better than normal!  He was bummed because I was right (again)!

And so I leave him with this:


* Anatomy is different from other classes because it’s rote memorization, not problem solving (which The Husband is good at).  Also, he’s not as good at 3-D spacial visualization which also made it tougher.  He still did better than average though!