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Monday night I got an unexpected phone call from The Husband.

SeaWorld, 842 miles.  Richmond, 690 miles.

SeaWorld, 842 miles. Richmond, 690 miles.

Unexpected because he was supposed to be doing field training (i.e. camping plus simulations [I think like MASH?]), no phones allowed.  Camping was cancelled because it was raining.

Well, it was raining extremely heavily plus 50+ mph winds so it probably was too hazardous for something that’s not mission-critical, but the story is much less funny that way.

And he was annoyed because he saw on Facebook that the Army HPSP students got to go to SeaWorld and they only got bowling and pizza.  Not fair!

He saw some BOT (regular officer) trainees and he said they said they could tell they were in COT because they were still smiling.  How’s that for awkward sentence construction?


But seriously, he’s doing well although he’s tired and missing home.  The first week was hellish (by design?) and the hours are still long and it’s “death by PowerPoint.”  But now they have a bit more freedom (can talk at dinner; allowed to leave the OTS campus, although still confined to the base) and a little more leisure (read: “studying”) time in the evenings.