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The past few weeks have been busy!  First there were final exams in Histology, Physiology, and Immunology, so The Husband is now done with all M1 subjects except Neuroscience and technically FCM, but I’m not sure that really counts since there’s no real studying for it.  (FYI, “real studying” means 8+ hours per day.  Anything less is kid’s play.)

Then my dad came for a visit so we were out of the house Toddler-in-Richmond style.  We did the zoo, Maymont, and library story time.  During nap times we got some house projects out of the way (including my personal favorite, installing a new closet system with a tie/belt rack), so that was super helpful and a nice reminder to get some other projects in the pipeline started.  That Friday night, The Husband took The Toddler to the Tour Guide party* so Dad and I went out for Indian food.  Delicious, but they do not tone the spice down for Americans!  “Medium” is the equivalent of “hot” everywhere else.  You have been warned.

And now we are two weeks and one day away from the end of M1 year!  The Husband has a Neuro test tomorrow, so this weekend is free and I have lots of plans! Some friends are coming over for dinner on Friday.  I’d like to finish shopping for COT on Saturday.  I’ve made it our mission this weekend to finally finish hanging curtains in the living room and The Toddler’s room and fix the weird curtain rods in our bedroom.  One of The Husband’s classmates offered to babysit, so I think we’ll have a date picnic on Sunday and then I’ll gym it up with the workout buddy on Sunday evening.

Monday is going to be nap day.

* The Husband is a tour guide for next year’s interviewees.  He is looking forward to scaring them away from med school.