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The Commissary is the military equivalent of a grocery store.  The difference between The Commissary and a regular grocery store is the grocery store sells things for profit and The Commissary sells things at cost plus 5% for overhead.

There can be some great savings, but not always. It pays to be compare prices to the local grocery store. I’ve been a few times, and only to one Commissary, so this shouldn’t be taken as “The Commissary Bible,” but here are some of the things I’ve learned.

Generics, Coupons, and Loss Leaders

The Commissary does not sell generics.  Everything is name brand.  The prices are comparable to generics at regular grocery stores, so if you’re already buying generic, you won’t save much money.

The Commissary accepts manufacturer coupons.  However, since they are operating basically at cost, they do not double them like other grocery stores sometimes do.  There are also no loss leaders for the same reason.  If you’re an avid couponer, you may get better deals at a more coupon-friendly/rewards type of store.

If you’re a not-so-avid couponer, The Commissary is a better deal.  There are rarely coupons for generics, but brand names have coupons all the time.  Since the starting price is roughly the same, name brand plus coupon works out cheaper.

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