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Things are in a bit of a holding pattern regarding the military at the moment.  Lists have been made, supply shopping has started, but right now the more pressing concern is getting motivated to study for the five tests next week when spring has finally arrived.  (Seriously, it was snowing two weeks ago and today is over 90 degrees.)  Otherwise, we’re just sitting here waiting for the next thing to happen.

There’s a saying popular among the military people we’ve met:  Hurry Up and Wait.

Our entire experience with the military has been this way.  Rush to get ready, wait for a long, unspecified length of time, then rush to do it, whatever “it” is.

P. waited for months to get his MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) physical to make sure he was fit for duty.  There was paper work to fill out that had to be done right now.  Medical records from four states, waiver for LASIK surgery, HIPAA releases, all rushed and faxed to the appropriate departments and people.  And then nothing.  And then one day all the paperwork went through and P. had to get to the processing station ASAP to pee in a cup while some poor sergeant watches him.  (Really, who wants to be assigned that job?)  And then a whole lot more nothing until finally we hear he was approved and could continue his application for HPSP.

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