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New DoctorSpouses post is up.

Summer (and M2 status) is closer than we think so it’s time to start putting things together in anticipation of COT.

Acting on the recommendation of the M2 HPSP students, P. went to the local Air Force base (2 hours away) to get fitted and purchase his uniforms, insignia, and other trappings.  This weekend, we’ll drop it off for embroidery and tailoring at the local Army base (30 minutes away).

I’ve been Googling* about what to expect at COT, and in conjunction with the advice from the M2s, we’ve made some preliminary decisions and preparations.

P. will probably drive, not fly to and from Alabama.  On the way down he can stay and visit for a night with a cousin in Atlanta, which is about eight hours from us and 2.5 hours from Fort Maxwell.  It will also make the road trip home easier, since I wasn’t sure how we’d fit 4 adults, a baby, and all of the luggage into a Toyota Corolla after graduation.

* After all these years, “Googling” still sounds a little dirty to me (thank you Arrested Development!), but “Binging” sounds even worse!

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