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New DoctorSpouses post is up (yesterday)!

Last week, we went to a social for the Military Student Association for the school.  It was enlightening to talk to the higher-level medical students about their experiences and how the active duty commitments during school play out in practice, instead of just in theory.

What We Learned:

  1. Get the uniforms before going to COT (Commissioned Officer Training, a.k.a.  boot camp).  ABUs (Airman Battle Uniforms, i.e. the everyday uniform) need to be embroidered with your name, so people who buy it at COT spend weeks in one increasingly grungier and grungier uniform while the other is embroidered, and then halfway through, switch.
  2. The $400 uniform allowance isn’t near enough.  We knew it wouldn’t be, but it bears repeating.  The initial uniform cost is closer to $1000.  It would be more in the winter when “mess dress” (tuxedo-equivalent) is also required.

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