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New DoctorSpouses post is up.

As part of HPSP, most of the year P. is a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.  The remaining time is spent on active duty.  What exactly does this mean?

Three hundred and twenty days of the year, P. is exactly like every other medical student.  He goes to class, studies in the library, and takes exams just like the rest of his other 199 classmates.  There is no one-weekend-a-month-two-weeks-a-year commitment.  We get asked that a lot, but people are thinking of the National Guard, not the Reserves.

Besides, one weekend a month would take away from studying, and the military didn’t recruit him for his marching or tactical abilities; it wants the best doctor he can be.  Therefore, the 45 days of active duty each year are either during the summer or are in lieu of a part of the normal, civilian curriculum.

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