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Well, we think it’s stupid, as evidenced by The Husband’s letter to the editor.

Original article here.  Letter to the editor on the RTD website here.

Rename the entire school MCV

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I can understand why VCU wishes to be thought of as a world-class university, but for now, it’s arguably the seventh-best public university in Virginia behind U.Va., Virginia Tech, GMU, JMU, UMW and William and Mary. While it certainly has excellent college basketball, it is not known as a bastion of academia.

Its medical school, however, is world-class, and the Medical College of Virginia is very highly respected for its outstanding, well-rounded medical education. With its graduates and hospital saving thousands of lives yearly, it’s also easy to understand why VCU is attempting to take credit for those actions and why it is attempting to replace all references to MCV, except for a few vague references to tradition.

Removing “Medical College of Virginia” from the diplomas of its medical campus graduates was poorly thought out and poorly executed, but there is a simple solution. The administration should admit that it was wrong, and the entire university should be renamed the Medical College of Virginia. What is currently the undergraduate campus could be known as the Medical College of Virginia School of Arts. The engineering school could be called the Medical College of Virginia School of Engineering, and so on.

This solution would quiet the furor over the diplomas and associate the academics of the Monroe Park campus with its more prestigious cross-town brethren. I look forward to the day when Medical College of Virginia is not just restored to the diplomas of its graduates of the medical campus, but granted to its Monroe Park graduates as well.

Reading through the comments, I don’t think people understand satire.  At least, people who take the time to comment on relatively obscure letters to the editor in secondary media markets don’t understand satire.  So we should probably just eat babies.  They’re delicious!

Part of the problem is that it was decided in secret without input from anyone at the medical school.  It was so secret, even the med school deans didn’t know before it was announced as a done deal!

The SGA put out a survey and 97% of the medical students and 90% of the rest of the MCV campus were against the name change.  It remains to be seen if the VCU administration will back down.