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Miracle of Miracles!  This weekend was the first in six weeks that there was no new material to study.  (There is another test this upcoming Thursday, but the material for that doesn’t start until Monday.)

So free weekend, combined with The Husband’s birthday earlier this week meant I planned a surprise party.  It was 50% successful.  He was not surprised (he never is) but there was a party.  A big one.  I always, ALWAYS make way too much food for parties and we always have tons of beer left over.  Not this time.  Pretty much all of our med school friends showed up and stayed a long time.  All of the food and most of the beer is gone.

We tie-dyed shirts and now our hands look like we’re jaundiced, bruised serial killers, but the shirts look cool!

Today The Husband is enjoying a book that’s not a textbook and tomorrow he’s going rock climbing.

The grind starts again on Monday, but it’s only a week until Spring Break!