The latest in my weekly military med student spouse column:*

In my last post, I started to explain some of the immediate financial reasons the military option appealed to us.  We couldn’t sell our house and were underwater-ish with our mortgage.  Additionally, with a kid we really felt a need to have some income for a decent standard of living during medical school.  If it were just P. and I, we could eat Ramen noodles for four years, but we wanted better for our son.

It would have been silly of us to choose the military just for the $20,000 signing bonus or the $2100/month salary though.  We had savings and generous parents, and the allowed loans for cost of living are actually slightly higher per year than the military salary.* We had to figure out the pros and cons for both the military and civilian routes through med school.

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*If you have a suggestion for a snappier column name, I’m all ears!  Or eyes, as the case may be.