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The Husband’s wallet fell out of his pocket at school on Friday.

He realized this on Saturday, so he went to the classroom to see if the wallet was still there.  It was, except for the credit and debit cards.  We cancelled the cards immediately because they were obviously stolen.

There were four unauthorized activities on the two debit cards: two holds for PlayStation Network on one card and a $2.95 charge to VTSUP.com on each card.

I Googled VTSUP.com and it’s definitely a scam.  There’s no info about what they do as a company, and the only page with more than token info on it is “Unrecognized charge on your credit/debit card?  Enter all your account info here so we can look it up!”

The Husband reported the theft to the campus police, but they’re a bit hampered because we don’t know the actual card numbers for the debit cards so they can’t run them through the system.  The banks refuse to give either us or the police the card numbers, even though it was our account and we have all the other info.

Note to future self: Make copies of the card numbers to aid future police investigations because banks apparently don’t care when people steal money from them.

As I see it, the thief did this all wrong.  There were two other, better options (s)he could have taken.

  1. Steal cards and throw the rest of the wallet away.  This probably would have bought another day of his/her inconceivably lame spending spree because we would have assumed the wallet was lost somewhere else and we’d wait a little longer to cancel the cards.
  2. What’s up with linking the card to your PSN account and “buying” something on a scam website?  Take the credit cards and go crazy in a brick and mortar store before they get cancelled.  Then you’d have some actual loot to show for your nefarious plan instead of zero PlayStation games and a link to your real-life identity (you know, assuming banks cared about actually catching people who stole their money).

The world should be thankful I’m on the side of good, because I’d be such a smart criminal I’m sure I’d have made off the Statue of Liberty or the Pyramids at Giza by now.