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The Toddler made the discovery a couple of weeks ago that sounds have meanings and since then his vocabulary has exploded.  His words are a list of his favorite things.  Examples: Shoes, Bananas (“Nana”), Dinner (“Duh-NUH!”), and Cat.

He learned “Cat” from his Gram reading Goodnight Moon.  She would have him point to the kittens.  He did really well pointing to the pictures of cats and it translated quite easily to real life.  He points at our two cats on the stairs or neighborhood cats outside and yells, “CAT!”  Then he points to our dog and yells, “CAT!”

We say, “DOG!”

He says “CAT!”

This continues on for a little while until his superior debating skills (persistence is key) make us recognize that we do, in fact, have a 55-pound cat who barks.