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We couldn’t sell our NH house in time for med school, so we’re renting it out.  Rent is due in our hands on the first of the month.

It has never been paid on time.

The first month was late because they wanted to do electronic transfers instead of mailing a check,* but found out too late that their bank would charge them a fee, so the check arrived on the 4th.  I considered this excusable, but didn’t realize that it was just the start of a pattern.

The next month the check arrived the 5th, postmarked the 1st.

This month it still hadn’t arrived by the 5th (yesterday), so I emailed the tenant asking her to please send the check earlier in the month because it still wasn’t here, it was due the 1st, etc.

I got an email back that she didn’t know the mail would take so long to get from NH to Virginia.  We both know this is bullshit.  She knows she mailed it after it was already due and I can read postmarks.  This month’s check arrived today, postmarked the 4th.  The mail took 2 days.  (Four days the previous month was probably because of Hurricane Sandy.)

And the thing is if it came tomorrow, there would be a $50 late fee.  So we’ve missed out on that.  Annoying.  I could use that $50 after the vet visit last week.

Three late payments means technically we could evict them, but it’s not worth the hassle.  The checks are late, but they always go through.  Also, we can’t afford for the house to be empty.


* For the longest time she was trying to get out of mailing anything.  It was weird.  Before the electronic transfer idea, she wanted to give the check to our real estate agent every month instead of mailing it to us.  Um, so he could mail it to us?  I don’t know.  To spend $1 in tolls to save a $0.45 stamp?  So weird.