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Since I seem to answer this question a lot in my face-to-face conversations, here it is for my fingers-to-eyes monologues.

Modules (my term, not official) are 2 to 8 weeks long and are one or more classes.  These classes are in the morning from 8am until noon, 5 days a week.  This year started off with Population Medicine and Biochemistry.  Pop Med ended and was replaced with Genetics while Biochem continued on.  Then Biochem and Genetics both ended and Anatomy started.  In Anatomy, morning class is divided between lecture (1 hour) and lab (3 hours).  Anatomy/Embryology will continue through mid-January and then replaced with Histology, Physiology, and Behavioral Sciences.  At some point, Immunology will get added in and Neurology will finish out the year.

At the end of a class, there is usually a study/review day where the various professors (each class has at least several) have an hour each to highlight difficult concepts/answer questions.

The day before a test that is not a final exam is usually a seminar/case-study type of day.

About 2-3 afternoons a week are other classes like Foundations of Clinical Medicine (FCM) or Ethics.  The “free” afternoons are spent in the library (or the Anatomy Lab right now).

Every other week or so The Husband will go to a lunch lecture, where a club will bring in a speaker and provide lunch.

Normally at night, The Husband will put in another 2 hours of studying at home, and on weekends about 4ish hours a day.  Anatomy has not been “normal” for him though.  It’s been much more difficult than Biochem, etc. and he has upped the night and weekend hours and spent more of those at the local library instead of at home.  Part of that may be that The Baby transitioned into The Toddler and is much more able to grab papers and keyboards up high, however.