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This picture is for Justin.

We are still battling fleas.  It’s been over a month and we’ve tried just about everything.  We even had the dog shaved.  She looks ridiculous.  Also very svelte.

Professional exterminators came last weekend and the fleas left for a few days but we are seeing them again.  New hatchings?  So frustrating.

I went out and bought another $30 worth of vacuum bags.  The vacuum hose attachment has stopped sucking.  Maybe a clog?  I’ll try to see this afternoon when The Husband gets home and can watch The Toddler because The Toddler is terrified at the sight of the vacuum.

On the weekend, we now have “Cat Bathing Night.”  We are wild and crazy, let me tell you!  The cats were so mad last night, they didn’t even come down the stairs to eat their dinner.  I believe this is unprecedented in the history of the world.

This picture is also for Justin.




Product Endorsement:  Welding gloves are not just for hacking out rose bushes anymore!

My parents came to visit the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We didn’t see The Husband much since the second round of Anatomy tests was on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the rest of us went to Maymont (where The Toddler walked around and around and around), and fixed the leaking washing machine, so it was a good visit.

Speaking of Anatomy, so far the worst day of Anatomy (according to The Husband) is Rectum Dissection Day because of the smell.  He still has not brought home his scrubs to be washed.  I will provide the bleach, but otherwise he is on his own at this point.