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Yesterday, The Husband came home and proceeded to tell me all about his day.  He told me about how he did a beautiful dissection of a hand so some arch was visible that the neighboring group had mangled.  He told me about lunch in the park with friends.  He told me about visiting a man in the hospital waiting for a heart transplant and how humbled he felt.  Then the fateful words:  “What did you do today?”

I dread that question.  Well, I like it because I know he cares, but it’s a big reminder of how boring my life can be at the moment.

“Um, I read Goodnight Moon five times in a row and then I changed a poopy diaper. Then I combed the dog for fleas and washed a sinkful of dishes.”

It’s a little anti-climactic.  So last night we agreed that from now on I could talk about my day first.

A helicopter, one of many.

Today is Storytime at the library, which I thought would probably be the highlight of tonight recounting of the day.  As I was packing The Toddler into the car, I noticed some helicopters.  They looked like Coast Guard, but that didn’t make much sense, so I assumed they were MediStar or something with similar markings.  I thought no more about it until we got to the library.

I chatted with another mom and she casually mentioned how she came to this library today because it was on Southside.  I asked why that mattered today and she replied because of traffic.  So I asked why there would be a lot of traffic.  She gave me a look like I was a moron and said “Because President Obama is speaking in Byrd Park* today.”  First off, she had no business acting like I was the idiot because when I told her we had moved recently from New Hampshire she asked “Where?” and not in the “Which town?” sense of the question, and secondly, now I would totally win the who-had-the-more-interesting-day contest.  The Toddler and I were going to meet President Obama!

Must go around! So close, and yet so far. Can see the crowds on the steps of the Carillon and flags.

After Storytime we came home, I fed The Toddler, and I Googled “obama richmond va schedule.”  All the schedules were very vague.  I could see that you needed tickets and the area opened at 9 a.m. (it was already 11 at this point).  So I asked for a ticket online, assuming they’d be out.  They weren’t!  So back in the car we went, figuring even if we missed the president we’d have a nice day on the playground.

As soon as we crossed Nickle Bridge we saw police and flashing lights everywhere. The western half of Byrd Park was cordoned off with yellow tape, so no playground for us after all.  We headed east (no choice, really) to find a place to park.  Miraculously, we found a lone empty spot near Swan Lake and headed over to the Carillon.

Sen. Mark Warner

On the way, we saw even more police in their dress uniforms (ugh, black and long sleeves in 80+ degree weather) and The Toddler got to pet a police horse.  As we got closer, road were closed first to cars, and then even to pedestrians.  We took a pretty roundabout path to the gates passing vendors and Senator Mark Warner.

(Note to “undercover” Secret Service Agent [not pictured]: Your tucked in t-shirt and flesh-colored earpiece are not fooling anyone.)

Closing the gate. Metal detectors under the tent.

We got to the gate, and right as we were about to step through they closed the gate.  Rejected.  It was 12:15 and the fenced area was full.  We stayed for a little while so The Toddler could stretch his legs and then we headed back to the car.  As we passed an intersection, we saw more flashing lights and there was President Obama’s motorcade!  Close enough!  We saw the President!

(It’s short because the iPod wasn’t cooperating, but those are the SUVs. All the rest were ambulances and police motorcycles.)

New score for interesting day contest: SAHM 1, Med Student 60.

* Less than 2 miles from our house.

Metal detectors in front of the Carillon. The flag was put up for today.

News trucks.

A large police presence.