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Just settled into a routine and not much to report I guess.

The Husband has finished 3 classes now: Population Medicine, Biochemistry, and Genetics.  Honors in the first two.  Genetics is probably High Pass, but grades haven’t been posted yet, so it’s not definite.

And now it’s all Anatomy, all the time!  Well, at least through Winter Break.  Then it’s 2 more weeks of Anatomy, but with some Histology and Physiology thrown in for good measure.

And here’s a story for those of you patient enough to stick around the past month:

The Husband has started learning how to do patient interviews on Standardized Patients, who are actors pretending to be sick and then give feedback.  Leaving the building one day, one of the SPs looked very familiar and they started talking.  Finally they figured out they went to the same college and she graduated a year ahead, but still couldn’t figure out the overlap, since she was a completely different major.  Until they realized she was the ex-wife of The Husband’s college friend and The Husband was a groomsman at their wedding.  Awkward!