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When we put a bid on this house, one of our conditions was that the washer and dryer hookups be moved out of the tiny kitchen and dining room, respectively, and moved to the upstairs closet.* We failed to be specific in the contract about moving the actual washer and dryer, so they were still in the kitchen and dining room when we moved in.

The washer was in rough shape with a rusty exterior. We thought about just buying a new washer since the attic stairs were steep and narrow and if the washer didn’t last four years, that was at least three times carrying a washer up/down those stairs. After inspecting it, we thought the rust was only the exterior, not the workings, and it would last the four years.

It didn’t last four months.

Water was pouring down through the electrical box on the dining room ceiling. Good thing Lowes has an appliance sale this weekend and a military discount. I hope they stack.

*They installed a range outlet in the closet instead of a dryer outlet. The Husband called the repairman out to fix it and they wanted to charge $100 until he pointed out it was their mistake!