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We had a nice weekend.  Here are some highlights.

Made some chocolate chip cookies for the college freshmen in the family and mailed those off.

The Husband signed me up as his “Plus One” at the MCV gym, so now I can continue my quest to do my second lifetime pull-up.  (The first and only was in 6th grade for the Presidential Fitness Test.)

Checked out the Farmers Market in Forest Hill Park on Saturday.  It was a bit overwhelming with the crowds, but we picked up some fresh corn-on-the-cob and some sausage.  Several places were advertising fall farm shares, so I’ll look at the details next week and perhaps get one.  That way I’m less likely to be paralyzed by all the choices and maybe I’ll branch out a bit with vegetables.

We took those sausages and had some school friends over for dinner.  It was the best sausage and peppers I’ve had.  Normally I hate peppers, but this recipe made them so sweet.  Maybe it was the wine?

Sunday, The Husband went to the library to study for his second test and afterwards we met up with his classmate T and T’s wife and 16-month-old at the park.  We intended to go to Belle Isle, but driving in we saw a festival at Brown’s Island so we went there instead.  The Baby enjoyed crawling around and throwing gravel.  The Husband got a free burger because the food tent was packing up.  I spoke to a human being that I don’t live with IN PERSON.  It was a good time.

And then at 8:05 p.m., The Baby took 3 steps in a row.  He is now known as The Toddler.