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Because I like hyperbole!  And exclamation marks!

I have alluded to my love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with flashcards on the blog before, but have never really explained why I loathe them so.  Yes, I understand they are a fantastic way to learn discrete facts.  But (and it’s a big but[t]!) there are a lot of facts one needs to know for medicine.

The pre-med years were an explosion of flashcards.  I would almost clear the shelf of index cards at the drugstore, The Husband would cut them into quarters, and it still wasn’t enough.  He was always running out of blank ones.

On top of that, they were everywhere–all over the counters, fallen behind the bed, and in every pocket of his that I emptied for laundry.

It took a year before I thought I purged the house of them, yet we still found more when we packed up to move.

The Husband made perhaps two class days’ worth of flashcards (already in the dozens) and I may have thrown a mini-fit and/or had an episode of PTSD.  Details are sketchy.  We’ll never know for sure.

Since his new tablet computer came in the mail that day, he downloaded the Anki flashcard app.  He can create flashcards with words, pictures, chemical notation, mathematical formulas, etc. and here’s the best part: They’re only electrons.  Electrons are so much smaller than pieces of cardstock.  I don’t mind if a stray electron falls behind the desk.

Electrons can be sent from one device to another.  He can create flashcards on the desktop and review them on the tablet.  He can access them on the Internet.  He can even send them to friends.

He can organize the flashcards into “decks” for the different tests or different subjects.  He can rate each one on a scale from easier (shows up less often) to more difficult (shows up again soon).

The house is so much cleaner with no baskets full of cards!  Best app ever!

UPDATE 7:50 PM:  The Husband mostly likes it, but says Anki does have a tendency to crash.