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Well, not so much a date, but we had a nice meal in a nice restaurant.  I’ll take what I can get.

It was “Dinner with the M4s” last night at Capital Alehouse in the Financial District.  It was a nice group of people with about 15 M1s and two M4s to answer questions.  Again, The Baby was a hit with the people interested in pediatrics.  I think we have an ever-expanding list of potential babysitters.

I had a glass of locally-produced cider which was excellent.  Very light and different from the Irish-type ciders I’m used too (and also love).  My tolerance for alcohol is back to normal.  After the two-week long alcohol binge (meaning a glass of wine/beer at dinner 2-3x/week, plus my day of 3 [three!] gin and tonics) of goodbye dinners and parties where I drank more alcohol than I had in the past two years , I can have a 12-oz. glass of cider and the room won’t spin when I stand up.

I met L, who seems very nice.  She was told on Saturday that she was accepted and had to be here on Monday.  That was probably a pretty exciting phone call to get.  She still wasn’t the last person admitted.  Apparently, the spot the L took was first offered to someone else who was on a camping trip and therefore unfortunately didn’t respond in time.  But on Monday another spot opened up and she was re-offered a spot if she could make it by Tuesday, which she did.

It just seems so crazy to me.  (Crazy means exciting and stressful in this case.)  One day you’re in your normal job, having given up hope of getting off the wait list and that night you quit your job, pack a bag and go to med school.  Where do you stay?  How do you get the rest of your stuff?  How difficult would it be to tie up all those loose ends?

In conclusion, it was a nice evening, even if we got back to the house at 9:30.  Late, I know!  We’re wild and crazy people.  I took a nap this morning.