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Yes, I’m wearing shorts.

Last night in NH.  The packing went…well, we finished.

We got the heavy stuff into the truck last night with the help of friends.

This morning we had a lot of random things to deal with, including lots of dust bunnies.

We were interrupted by copious amounts of heavy rain.  At least it washed off most of the bird bombardment of last night.

Three months of no rain, until torrential downpour today.

My Dad came up and loaned us tools we needed that we had already packed up.  He also loaded a bunch of stuff into his car, some for storage in his basement and some for transport to Virginia.  Most importantly, he took the dog with him.  Three days of being locked in a crate does not a happy puppy make!  She’ll get some attention at least one night.

We took a break around 1 to see The Husband’s Orgo professor at the outlet mall (where last week I got an awesome dress–with POCKETS!).  We stopped at the vet on the way home to pick up extra cat sedatives because those also got packed.

More packing, and around 4:30 we called the truck company to pick up the trailer.  We said goodbye to the awesome neighbors, the ones who have a snow blower and take pity on us poor shovel-owners after a big snow.  I kept meaning to bake bread or cookies or something for them but it never happened.  I feel bad about that because we really appreciated it.

Then we spackled the nail holes for all our pictures (why did we hang so many pictures!?!) and went to bed. But I couldn’t sleep (see title).  I kept thinking about all the house things that are unresolved in my mind.  The terrible job I did spackling the skylight.  That weird brown stain by the weird, useless door in the living room.  (Did something oily spill there? The drywall isn’t soft, so I don’t think it’s water damage.)  Where is the gas shut-off valve so I can tell the tenants?  Can I take the stained glass ceiling light from the bedroom with us? Are we required to provide lampshades for the wall sconces?  (The current ones are gold with awesome  swirly-wired bead trim.  They are coming with us for some yet-to-be-acquired lamps.) Etc., etc. etc.

I decided to make a To Do list of things before we move.

  1. Laundry into dryer and then packed
  2. Spackle The Baby’s room
  3. Sand & paint spackle spots
  4. Get name of stairway paint color
  5. Clean kitty litter
  6. Clean dog kennel
  7. Mop floors
  8. Clean kitchen cabinets (esp. spilled green food coloring)
  9. Go to dump
  10. Pack cars
  11. Clean bathrooms
  12. Clean kitchen
  13. Dust
  14. Close & lock windows
  15. Close curtains
  16. Set up light with timer
  17. Pay neighbor boy to mow lawn
  18. Lock doors
  19. Soon: mail keys to agent

Totally doable to leave at 10 a.m., right?