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After the offer, the buyer had 2 weeks to get an inspections done.  Normally the buyer schedules it right away (even if the actual inspection isn’t right away) because inspectors have lives too.

Instead we waited.  Awhile.  Called the real estate agent and he hadn’t heard when it would be either.

We waited until 8:30 Thursday night.  Our agent called because the buyers wanted the inspection at 10 a.m. Friday morning.  It was frustrating because we were at our swing dancing lesson until 10 that night and we’d sort of let keeping the house “show-ready” thing go that week.  Whatever, we’d make it work.

We got home, cleaned.  Woke up, cleaned.  The Husband left for work.  I cleaned some more.  It’s sounding like we’re slobs.  We’re mostly not.  I admit I have pack rat tendencies (Any wonder I was a Historic Preservation major?).  And we’re not good about doing dishes (I hate doing dishes).  It takes a while to clean because:

  • It’s a big house.  The Dog
  • We have a baby.
  • We have this dog.  —–>

She has a lot of fur.  She’s 50ish pounds but looks 80 because there is so much fur.  The fur goes everywhere.  The normal method for cleaning up dog fur includes:

  1. Picking up the large clumps.
  2. Sweeping the hard floors.
  3. Rake the carpet before vacuuming to minimize the clogging.
  4. Vacuum.
  5. Clean out clogs in the vacuum, even though you used the carpet rake.
  6. Vacuum some more.
  7. Change the vacuum bag, because it’s already full.
  8. Vacuum again.
  9. Take a break from vacuuming because there is smoke from dog hair caught in the motor/motor working too hard.
  10. Replace belts/clean clogs/change bag.
  11. Vacuum.
  12. Dog walks through house.
  13. Repeat.

So, the cleaning got (mostly) finished.*  Threw the cats in their carriers.  Put the baby in the stroller and the dog on a leash and prepared to head out for a walk.  I was running a smidge late.  I like to be out 20 minutes before people are scheduled to show up, and I was only heading out 10 minutes before.  I didn’t feel too badly about it because I only had 14 hours notice (minus 2 hours of dance and 8 hours of sleep).

Those 10 minutes made a big difference because on my way out the door I met…the buyer’s future mother-in-law.



*Real Estate Showing Tip: The microwave is great for dirty dishes if the dishwasher is full.  Also, the dryer has a huge amount of space that can be used for laundry, provided of course that you don’t care about actually drying it.