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Our time left in New Hampshire is short.  We have 3 weeks (but only 2 weekends) left.  Time to start saying farewell.  People we’ve been saying goodbye to slowly, a dinner or two a week for the past month or so.  This weekend we said goodbye to the state itself: by going searching for moose by the Canadian border and going up Mount Washington on the Cog Railway and hiking back down.*  Today is the most sore I’ve ever been!

*Fun Facts:

  • Mt. Washington is the highest peak in New England at 6288 ft. above sea level.
  • The Cog Railway up Mt. Washington is the oldest in the world (1869).  It is also the steepest in the U.S. with some parts having a grade of over 37%.
  • Mt. Washington has the highest recorded wind speed by a manned weather station.  It was recorded in 1934 and the gust was 231 mph before the anemometer flew away.