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Also known as “The Summer I Rarely Saw The Husband Except When Quizzing Him With Flashcards.”

The Husband took Organic Chemistry as a summer class at SAC.  Two semesters were condensed into 8 weeks, every Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm.  In order to make it work, he dropped down to part-time at work and used up most of his vacation time.    Permanently going part-time wasn’t financially viable (My one-year position was not renewed, and I was back to unemployed), so he figured he could take 2 classes at a time during the year, but not 3.  Five classes left meant that would eat up another summer and push back applications a year.

Instead, he decided to take Chem II and Chem II Lab concurrently with Orgo.  UML fortunately had Lab as a separate course, so he took Chem II Lab during Orgo I and Chem II during Orgo II.

His days were crazy long.  Up around 5, go to work, go to Orgo, lunch in the car, back to work, home for quick dinner, Chem II/Lab 2-3 times a week, home again at 10, repeat.  On the nights without Chem II, we’d take a walk around the neighborhood and I would quiz him with flash cards.  It didn’t really work well, because I didn’t know the notation.

Amine Me: Amine.

Husband: Nitrogen with a lone pair.

Me: No.  N with two dots and three lines to three Rs.

H: That’s the same thing.

Me: Maybe you should just take the flashcards.

This is also when we stopped rock climbing.  There was just no time for The Husband to do anything except study.  It was a long 8 weeks, but we figured it was good preparation for Med School, because Med School would surely be easier.  Right?