The Husband is an officer, even though he hasn’t been to boot camp yet.  This causes a lot of confusion among friends and co-workers because most people who are officers in the military aren’t sworn in as officers until after officer training.  The Husband gets to skip all that because he is a direct commission officer.

He is entering the Air Force as a doctor-to-be, and during his career will never, ever command troops in the field.  So he doesn’t need to prove his troop-commanding skills before being made an officer.  Being a licensed doctor (or presumed to be one in 4 years) means he already has the professional skills to carry out his military job.  Other professions that get direct commissions are chaplains, dentists, veterinarians, nurses, and lawyers.

So officer first, and then 4 weeks of Commissioned Officer Training School (COTS), which sounds like boot camp lite.  There is an afternoon of weapons training* and maid service and a lot of time in lectures.

* If the doctors need to be defending themselves, you know something has gone badly!