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Despite a bumpy start in Chem I,* The Husband’s first semester as a pre-med was drawing to a close and class schedules for Fall 2010 were out.

This was the original plan, doing everything at night:

  • Spring 2010 – Chem I
  • Summer 2010 – Chem II, Bio I & II
  • Fall 2010 – Orgo I & Physics I
  • Spring 2011 – Orgo II & Physics II
  • May 2011 – MCAT

Reality wasn’t accommodating.

First, there were no Biology classes at the local colleges available for the summer.  There were no Orgo night classes in the fall.  Since summer classes were shorter duration, The Husband decided to do Organic Chemistry in the summer and temporarily drop to part-time at work.

Problem: 2 semesters of Chemistry are required for Organic Chemistry, and Husband only has one.

Solution: Call up the professor, explain your situation (and your A in Chem I), and beg permission to take the class.  She’s also the pre-med adviser.  Done.


* On the first test regarding homogenous vs. heterogeneous, his answer for tomato juice was “Homogenous, if you take out all the tomato.”  He still got a 97%.