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I submitted the application for my teaching certification renewal today.  I was hoping to have a job in Virginia by now so I could just transfer the old license before it expired, but that didn’t happen.  It’ll be good for thElla Pullman Teaching Certificate, 1891e next three years, but it seems like a waste of $130 since I’ll have to pay the Virginia fee if I get a teaching job there and in all likelihood I won’t ever teach in New Hampshire again.  Oh well.

It could be worse, like auto registration.   It’s about $175 per year, depending on the car.  Mine runs out in September, so I’ll just renew in Virgina.  The Husband just renewed his in February, so it feels like $75 wasted because he can’t drive until next February with plates from a state he no longer lives in.

I know it’s not much money in the grand scheme of things, but all these numbers keep piling up.  Who knew medical school would be so expensive?


(Yes, the last sentence is a joke.  Estimated cost of attendance for out-of-state students at VCU is about $72K/year.  Car registration is 0.1% of that, which seems both high (It computes to a comprehensible percentage?) and low (What’s $75 compared to the quarter-million dollars to attend school for 4 years?.)