The move from New England down to Richmond means we are selling our house.  We love the house and the location.  If we were going to Med School close by, we would have rented it out.  Alas, Richmond is several hundred miles too far to stop by once a month to look in on things and collect a check.

The house went on the MLS on a Monday afternoon.  Tuesday morning, we got a call that there were two showings scheduled.  Tuesday night, we had an offer for full (full!) asking price, contingent on the husband viewing (and approving) the property.

The story we got from the agent was that the wife and the husband’s mother came and loved the house and the location (it’s on a river).  They had been looking for a while and wanted to move in within 5 weeks.  A little fast (we had counted on not having an offer for a while), but workable.  We figured with that short of a timeline and the two women both loving (loving!) it, the approval of the husband was a mere formality.

It was good for a day or two (excepting that they forgot to sign the back page of the contract) and then we heard they were fighting because there was no garage.  We had in no way indicated the house had a garage, and it’s quite obvious when you see the house.  So why make an offer on (or even bother going to see) a house with no garage if you want a garage?  Because the husband never told the wife he wanted a garage.

Those stellar communication skills are why The Husband and I agree that couple will be divorced within 10 years.

The first offer falling through wasn’t such a big deal though, because that same week we had a second offer on the house.