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Well, The Husband finished his Psychiatry unit right before break, so we now have a totally unofficial diagnosis for The Toddler:  Cyclothymic with a conversion disorder.

This diagnosis could apply to all toddlers, in fact.

We’re also pretty convinced our former tenants had some sort of personality disorder, perhaps paranoid.

For the sake of marital harmony, The Husband declined to diagnose me.  I always knew he was a smart one.



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Previously I’ve teased The Husband that whatever specialty he wants to go into is “Pediatric [Current Class].”  That streak came to an end with the current unit, GI.  Simply put, it’s gross.  Not surprising.  Rectum day was by far the worst day of Anatomy.

Recently, our sink has been draining slowly.  Yesterday I was about to head out to run some errands and The Husband asked if I would take care of the sink when I got home.  I pointed out that cleaning the sink drain was probably way less gross than anything he encountered in class this week.

The drain was cleared when I got home.

Real-er Blizzard, But Not Really


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Tuesday night we got actual snow, not the dusting of last Thursday.  It was about three inches and started around 4 p.m.  There has been no school all week, since Tuesday was preemptively cancelled.

So four days off for three inches of snow.  As a native New Englander, I can only roll my eyes.

I know Fredericksburg was notoriously bad at clearing snow, but I thought the state capital would have more resources since the DOT is right here.  Apparently not.


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